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Protect Antarctica: Stop Woolworths' Support for Krill Destruction!

Krill is the foundation of the Antarctic ecosystem. Antarctic wildlife, such as whales, penguins, and seals, all rely on it to survive.

But industrial supertrawlers are plundering krill from Antarctic waters — and Woolworths is fuelling this destruction!

We need you to tell Woolworths that it’s unacceptable to have the very foundation of the Antarctic ecosystem on its shelves.

Woolworths profits from the destruction of Antarctica’s food web by selling farmed salmon that is fed Antarctic krill and supposed health supplements made with krill oil.

But as consumers, we can pressure Woolworths to remove krill oil products from its shelves immediately!

Leave a Google Review for your local Woolies and share the truth behind Woolworths’ krill products with consumers in your community

1. How to leave a review
Write as if you had found out shopping at your local store that they were stocking Krill and were disappointed. For example:
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“Was browsing the supplement section and noticed that Woolworths stocks krill oil supplements. I am shocked to see my local supermarket supporting the destruction of the Antarctic ecosystem by stocking krill products. I will consider changing supermarket following this”
Write a short and sharp one. For example:
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“Big store, with lots of variety – it's a shame they sell Krill products and support the destruction of Antarctica by doing so”
Get creative with how you want to highlight the issue in your review. For example:
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“Went in to get a few groceries and left once I found out they stock krill products. Shocked!”

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Take action

We need you to let Woolworths know that it's unacceptable to have the very foundation of the Antarctic ecosystem on their shelves.


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Email Woolworths and tell them to take krill off their shelves



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